Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonder Years

It is funny how I am totally receptive and sensitive to how people change over time (Well I am quite sensitive by nature) so much so that these observations changes affect me. They actually upset me.
I have grown up a lot over the last 2 years. My thoughts now days are more on these lines…
Why have so many reservations and hiccups? Just mix with people, have fun and move on.
I have always wanted to embrace this philosophy and I must admit that it has taken me all of quarter century to get here.
Thinking back, had I embraced this though 10 years ago, a lot of things would have been different. I wouldn’t have lost out on a lot of my friends, in a nut shell; life would have been really different.
I do regret it… I admit it, I do miss them, that phase of my life…
Being a small part of people’s life, finding out what is going on in theirs and sharing what is going on in mine… I love that. But I guess due to my own reservations and qualities, I have missed out on this to a very great extent. (Yes I am uber critical and my best and worst critic too..: P
We all have regrets right? In life? Well these are mine… I really wish I could go back in time and change these things so that I would still be in touch with all those people whom I really wanted to be in touch with.
Is it too late? Can I still be that way? Can relationships which have come a long way after being broken still be mended? I don’t think so… But moving on and further in life, I think I will deal with such situations a whole lot differently and mucho betterJ
Wishing me luck.. ;)


iamyuva said...

wishes..n prayers..

yesterday is experience which helped you to get here.. and today is a new day...

Anonymous said...

I believe relationships CAN be mended. It is NEVER too late! Just follow you're heart and everything will work out.

Mystique said...

@ Valerie.. :) I believed in that too.. but I guess this is the way I feel after many be it..