Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Make up addiction...what??how?? which one?? and more...

My makeup stash is increasing by the day...I keep browsing websites to see where the best deals are and what to buy where! So you can say I am pretty well informed. V says ... dont keep looking at make up will go mad one day!! hahaha!! That day is far far away...

Any hoooo, my take on make up is that if you invest in the right products and use them the right way, they can really make that aha! difference!. Some may say..natural beauty is the best blah blah..but we dont go without shaving our arm pits or waxing our legs do we? So the same way, these have become an essential addition to my daily routine. After a hella trials and trials and more trials, I have sort of mastered the art of minimalistic make up to make that difference.

I just wanted to ramble about it and share my thoughts.. see if you can pick up a pointer or two!!

So a basic makeup kit should essentially consist of the following:

- A concealer ( try drugstore brands like maybelline, neutrogena, my favs are amazing cosmetics, and MAC - they do wonders!). All you honestly need is a concealer to hide all those blemishes and small scars.. Top this off with powder and voila!! you are done!! All you have to ensure is to choose the right shade. Rule of the thumb is to go for a warm tone concealer in the same shade as your skin to cover blemishes and scars and go for a pink tone one in a shade or two lighter for your under eye...remember peeps covering your under eye bags is uber important, especially if you are working or heading out.. you dont want to end up looking like a raccoon now do you?

- A powder foundation or a liquid foundation. I would steer clear of liquid if you have oily skin as they tend to oxidize on your skin making you look dull and dark. Best is a powder based foundation. ( Try revlon, maybelline for drugstore brands and MAC, Benefit for more expensive ones)

- A kaajal pencil for your waterline. ( best out there is the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil. MAC's feline kohl is good too)

- A liquid eyeliner in black or dark brown. South asian skin tones love these shades. ( Lancome is the best pricey one out there, there are cheaper ones like maybelline, revlon, prestige etc)

- A muted eyeshadow in a peach, taupe, copper tone for that extra pop!

- A nice brownish pink blush.

The entire routine takes me about 5 minutes a day and it really gives me a feel good factor :)

Just make sure you use a nice make up remover to take off all your make up before going to bed.

So all I am trying to say is if you use makeup appropriately and the right way, they can actually go to enhancing your looks and making you look naturally gorgeous!!:-)

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