Monday, January 18, 2010

New girl in the city...:)

Hmm so its been a gazillion years since I even wrote something down... Its been a hectic period that has gone by, my laptop died..:( and a million other things happening..

So absolutely no time to write or blog or anything..
I finally managed to find sometime to pen my thoughts down and here it something that I would like to share...Happy reading..:)

New girl in the city
Gosh!! This probably sounds like the dialogue that has been snatched away from the Hindi flick “wake up Sid”.. For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, please go and see it. It is worth a watch, despite its slow pace.
For those of you who have seen it, you guys may probably be able to relate…I am in some way pretty much in the same situation as Konkona in the movie… She moved from Calcutta to aamchi Mumbai in search of the perfect independent life.
Mumbai is to India in pretty much the same way as how SFO is to California.
I for one have always been independent through my life. My parents have given me that degree of freedom that only most girls will dream of. My mom and I are more like friends… I can talk just about anything with her and she will relate to it and listen!! So I wouldn’t really relate to that part of her.
But I can see a lot of similarities between me and Konkona, in several other areas.
Ever since I moved to the CA after marriage, it has been a haunting desires or rather an urge to get a job! I probably felt this way because I have been working all my life… and I have enjoyed the feeling. It is not something that I force myself to do.
Everywhere I go, that thought would be sitting in one corner of my head. I used to hate it ( I still do) when people ask “ohh what do you do after your husband goes to work? Wont you feel bored?” or other questions like “have you become a house wife”…aaargggh… first off, the term house wife according to me is derogatory. I mean I don’t even think there is a term like that. We poor women, changed that to home maker, just so it sounds better..the things that we do!!
Anyways, so yeah like I was saying, I used to hate it when I hear things like this. In a way, it only used to increase my crazy fire to get a frigging job.. And so the hunt and the search and the passionate wandering began.
After many prayers, and demands, and begging and what not, one fine day, my chance came.
Today as I walk toward my office, in the center of the hottest financial district of the Silicon Valley, I feel proud, blessed, fortunate and good – all at once.
This is my time – time dedicated to get back to my favorite place away from home – WORK, to prove my mettle, to make that difference to my employer organization, and above all, make my family, my husband feel proud that they don’t have a home maker in the making, but a passionate all rounder who is willing to juggle it all( with a little support of course), and live life to the fullest…:)



Sini said...

Wow, Inspiring! Perseverance pays! :) Good writing...keep it going!

Mahays said...

Thats amazing Geets !!!!!!!! Back with the bang!!!! .. so vr do u work ??