Sunday, November 30, 2008

C'est Moi

I have constantly tried to find out if I have managed to discover more about me over the years..
And so I thought I'd make a list.. So here goes.. This should probably give an idea.. if it doesn't, it only means am still evolving...

- I love my life.
- I have successfully found answers to a ton of questions that I have been asking all my life.
- I love cosmetics.
- I love shopping.
- I love movies.
- I love Surya.
- I hate working out.. but I have to..
- I don't like getting up early in the morning.. but I have to.
- I love rain
- I wanna see snow.
- I love driving.
- I hate walking.
- Sometimes, I'd like to think of myself as laziness personified.
- I have started appreciating nature... and I love it.
- I can shop for an entire day and not get tired.
- I love cooking - & I think I cook pretty well
- I am very impatient.
- I am stubborn.
- I do what I want, and end up getting what I want eventually.
- I don't know how to say no!
- I have this compulsive need to please people.
- I love to have people around.
- I love to laugh.
- I enjoy slapstick comedy.
- I love to do up the house and keep things in order.
- I hate a mess.
- I like chicken.
- I love Chocolate.
- I love icecream and brownies.
- I don't like Starbucks, but I end up getting coffee from there most of the times!
- I love basset hounds.
- I miss Rudo.
- I don't like cats.
- I like helping people.
- I like fighting.
- I love intelligent people.
- I want to start a boutique of my own someday.
- I would like to do something.. that I never could have imagined myself doing, and feel proud about it.
- I want to colour my hair.
- I need a mani/pedi and a haircut ( talk about being unkempt)!!
- I scrub the floor with a brush before using a vaccum!!
- I can sleep for an entire day and wake up without a headache..(Achievement of its own kind).
- I actually wanted to write these in a specific order.. but lost patience
- I feared that I'd disclose too much.. but I just realised its too late to do anything about it..

- G


My Musings... said...
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My Musings... said...

the last two are hilarious :)). Now u have inspired me to do the same and i feel that we will have a lot in common. btw, I already know one thing that I hate, and that is people who dont return my calls, and you definitely gain the top honors. as usual, u didnt return my friday call! and i am crazy pissed. and mostly i wont be picking my phone the next time you call me.

Wonderwall said...

Lemme guess, you wanted to put the 'I love Surya' right on top!

haha.. cute post di!

yesitsme said...

u have forgotten the "i love to straighten my hair bit" and i love to fight with my sister bit...add it and tht shd do it...hehe
n u lik to clean?? not everytime...but when u r in a spree...

Mystique said...

@yes its me: He he he...
I think I should add the first bit .. plus curling.. fighting bit.. not a habit.. :P
The cleaning bit it true.. rather I should keep quiet and make you write this bit.. You know me better than I do.. hahahha

Anonymous said...

hey u forgot to add..."I love talking abt me"...