Friday, June 4, 2010

Time to change

"Change is never constant"....I say this after being the victim, the believer and the preacher of this phrase over the past years.
We all go through change at every stage of our lives. From an infant to a toddler to a teenager to an adult..change affects us and impacts us in various forms and magnitudes. The only difference is that when were small, we hardly felt the impact of this "monster" as much as we do when we are adults...

Is it good to be flexible and adjust to change gracefully when she shows up on our doorsteps? Should we all live us to those small white lies we tell on our resume.. that we are very flexible to change? Is it time? Or should we just hold our ground on our thoughts, no matter what others think of us and stand firm with our believes and opinions?

It really depends...on what and when to let go.. There are times when you really need to floor it and say...we are doing this my way..come what usually says this when one is absolutely sure about what he is doing and the pros and cons of the event.
There are other times,,when we aren't really sure...and during these times, ego plays havoc and you are stuck...and your ego kind of forces you to behave in a particular way and say no/yes...even when the situation demands otherwise.

The sensible thing to do will be to just go with the flow...sometimes this may require you to be a hypocrite and some other times, it may make you the hero... The bottom line is that you cannot always win over change..... More often than will win over you...or win you over....and more often than not..make you a better person...
So bite the bullet, be a hypocrite ...and face the like an iceberg, if you must...gracefully moving along on the surface..with all the other emotions that lead to that move happening under waters..


My Musings... said...

he he...was looking for the "like" button and realized this is not facebook! Good one geets, but you are getting awfully philosophical chica :).

Mysteeque said...

Yea Arti.. certain events made me really do some hardcore thinking...:P