Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was going through my blog from scratch.. From when I started to write very passionately to the time when I started losing the touch and skill (if you will) for it. Even to me, it was quite evident. I really enjoyed reading my initial posts and I can see that it kinda lost focus as time went by.
I can somehow justify this. There was a time in my life I was going through a huge emotional turmoil ( yeah too harsh a word, but I like to think of it that way). I really got to touch base with my inner "soul" and got to learn a lot about myself. Faced the hard facts of life, turned a new leaf and a whole deal more!
At that point, it was very easy for me to put words together and construct a sentence.
It was very easy for me to write beautifully what I was feeling and my perspective and take on certain things.

Fast forward >> to present day.. Over the past two years... I have been at peace with myself. I relish the feeling and love being in that state... I lost the self doubt, my self confidence reached a new high ( to a state of and I stopped questioning things.
At this point, I guess I was lost in that halo of peace and just "being" in a state.. I must have lost the skill to write somewhere along this time..

Another thing that I noticed is that my blog doesn't really have a theme to it. Its very random. If you see, most blogs have some sort of theme to them - reviews based, beauty based, art work, cooking, advice and so on. Mine seems to be a mix.. a blend... its like a spice rack. It has a little bit of everything..and then some...

For a very long time I wondered if I should just streamline it and make my blog about "something"..what that something was...I dint know...
But you know what.. I think I am ok about it being a potpourri.. it has a little bit of everything and I like it that way....:)
When someone visits my page, then can (hopefully) find variety and thats pretty much what I am aiming for.. I guess... For my blog page to be a spice rack... A little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy... a little of "everything"....

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Gowri said...

And take a chill pill dont think too much abt past you might want to revisit and re-live the moments when it was just fun burning appa's pisa and need not worry abt anything(long ago)!

Its really nice to read your blogs da..

There you go.. some positive reinforcement to keep them coming!